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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – ab 31.05. auf Blu-ray und DVD

Die Vorgeschichte zum vierten Teil der Halo-Serie für Euer Heimkino, ein Muss für alle Halo-Fans.

Gamers Choice Entertainment Tipp

The Last Stand – ab sofort auf Blu-ray und DVD im Handel

Arnold Schwarzenegger kämpft für Gerechtigkeit als Sheriff Owens im verschlafenen Nest Sommerton Juction.

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The Cabin in the Woods – jetzt auf Blu-ray und DVD für Euer Heimkino

Was zunächst wie ein typischer 08/15 Horrorschinken ausschaut, entpuppt sich als einer der coolsten Horrorfilme der letzten Jahre.

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Silent Hill: Revelation – Ab sofort auf Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray und DVD im Handel

Der zweite Teil der Verfilmung des Silent Hill-Stoffs


Vorschau und Eindrücke

Wird Overwatch die Shooter-Welt revolutionieren? Wir sagen euch mehr zu Blizzards FPS.

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Psycho-Pass – Die TV-Serie | Ab sofort auf Blu-ray und DVD

Spannender Cyberpunk-Krimi, schockierende Science-Fiction, actiongeladener Thriller – all das ist PSYCHO-PASS!

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Trek Nation – Ab sofort auf DVD für Euer Heimkino

Für jeden Trekkie ein Muss: Die Dokumentation rund um das Star Trek-Universum und dessen Schöpfer Gene Roddenberry.

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Gormenghast – Ab 25.10. auf DVD im Handel

Die Literaturverfilmung mit Christopher Lee und Jonathan Rhys Meyers nach der Roman-Trilogie von Mervyn Peake.


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Ich "fiel"...



fiorasyndra1 weiblich single 15.02.2019 09:17 Uhr  

Amote senden

Keep your children safe with YouTube Kids for Android

The official YouTube Kids app is designed for children. It is a simple and free app for the kids to discover the videos, channels and playlists that they love. Remember that you can get it at Apk market download.

Two years ago, Google launched the YouTube Kids app for kids on Android and iOS mobile platforms, creating an exciting playground that helps children and family members discover everything to stimulate imagination of their children together.


The kids can enjoy that rich video store on a bigger screen that is better with the YouTube Kids app for Android TV. This is Google's next step in improving the experience on YouTube Kids video channel for children. Parents can also feel secure when they can watch videos with content suitable for their age, safe and support their brain development.

Outstanding feature of YouTube Kids app for Android TV

YouTube Kids is designed for children

Your kids will easily explore because the videos in the app are divided into 4 categories: Program, Music, Learning and Discovery. Developers also remove complex things for easy use by young children. Bigger buttons, easy scrolling function and instant full screen display when video is turned on.


Contains videos that children love

Kids can enjoy favorite animated movies such as Thomas & Friends, DreamworksTV, Talking Tom, Mother Goose Club, Super Simple Songs, Wonder Quest and anything else that interest kids like sports, animals , game play, craft making and more. Look for more useful apps at Top apk sites.

Watch controlled videos

Every family has different ways of educating their children. Therefore, YouTube Kids includes features that allow adults to adjust the app experience according to the needs of each family. Settings are locked and it’s only for adults, where you can turn off search for a limited experience. Note that features such as blocking content and YouTube Red are not yet available on this platform.

For more information on the app, you can read YouTube Kids' Parental Guide.

Important note about the app


Set up of parents is necessary to ensure the kids to have the best experience.

YouTube Kids contains paid reports. Thanks to it, you can download and enjoy free apps. Your children can also watch commercial videos from creators on YouTube, not paid ads. Find out more in Parental Guide.

In-app videos are selected by YouTube's automated system. No automated system is perfect and your child can find something inappropriate. Flag those videos and the development team will review them as soon as possible.

You can limit your child's experience by turning off search during the setup process or by visiting the following adult-only settings. This means that your child cannot search for content, reducing the likelihood of them finding inappropriate videos.

Even if the search function is turned on or off, the app will still suggest videos because the system automatically selects from a large video repository.

YouTube Kids is really helpful, isn’t it? If you have children, don’t hesitate to give a try for your children right now. You can download it at Apk store.


Bearbeitet am 19.02.2019 03:15 Uhr von fiorasyndra1.

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